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CPA's and Accounting Professionals - Partner with Zing Payments to assist your clients.


CPA's are increasingly asked to assist their business clients with their financial services needs. Partner with Zing and know that your clients will get personalized service and support. They will get the number one rated customer service and they will be able to rely on the number one rated service for network reliability. 

On top of that, we will save them money by lowering their processing rates. Your clients are relying on you to assist them so count on someone that you can trust. How does it work? Simply put in your clients name and contact information, your name and contact information and any special notes. To expedite the processs even more efficiently for clients with existing service, direct your client to have ready 2 concurrent months of statements. 


Zing Card Benefits


Zing Card offers a program to partner with accounting professionals to ensure that their clients transaction processing needs are met. Some benefits include: 


  • Rated #1 by Visa and Master Card for network reliability

  • Rated #1 by Visa and Master Card in customer service

  • We can offer your clients significant financial savings

  • Partner with an organization that you and your clients can trust and rely on


Fill out the form to the right and become a CPA Zing Processing partner today! Talk to us and the difference will be obvious!


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