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Today, acceptance of payment cards by public sector organizations is increasing. All public sector institutions are facing similar cost control challenges.


Like any business, the critical financial management needs of government entities require a processing partner with expertise, extensive resources and advanced technological capabilities.


Zing Card Payment Systems provides a comprehensive range of reliable financial services and solutions on which your organization can depend on.


Take advantage of lower processing fees, only available to our Public Sector. However, your processor needs to know exactly how to obtain these lower rates.


  • Free expert consultations

  • Tailored solutions only available to the public sector

  • Complete card payment processing including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit and ATM

  • Electronic Benefit Transfer card processing

  • Check acceptance guarantee and electronic processingOnline reporting - 24/7


Zing is dedicated to providing on-line registration services for amateur sports organizations and activities throughout the United States.If you run a sport program Zing can help you set up a simple and cost effective way to collect your fees.


Our clients include;


  • Park Districts activity directors and managers

  • Training facilities

  • All club sport teams

  • Cheerleading clubs

  • Gymnastic facilities

  • Martial Arts clubs


Features and Benefits for your E-Commerce payment system:


"Easy set-up, use your current website. If you do not have one, we can design one for you."


"No software or hardware to purchase"


"No monthly minimum"


"Collect fees faster, fees are directly deposited into your account"


"No paper work on your part"


"Participants register from home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."


"Registrants enter all information on your customized application and pay your registration fees with a credit or debit card."


"Our system validates their card, completes the transaction, provides your registrant a receipt, saves all registration data and deposits all collected registration fees directly into your account."


"No involvement by you or your staff is required to collect fees"

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