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Zing is a preferred vendor for Government entities!


Z-Gov, a division of Zing Card LLC specializes is supporting government agencies and municipalities with their payment services.


With current management having over 20 years of combined experience in the payment processing industry Zing Card understands that the needs of government and municipal entities are unique and specialized, we've created solutions that make payments easier for the government agency as well as the person or business making a payment.Our solutions help agencies collect payments for utilities services, property and business taxes, permits and licenses, DMV, registrations, citations, etc. We want to help improve the efficiency of your business and build a solution just for you.


Our innovative 1-Portal enables you to except ACH, credit card, debit, and IVR payments through one payment portal. Our reporting is highly customized and all your reporting needs are in one place. One integration point lets you streamline and simplify your payment processes, let us design a customized secure payment page for you or chose from one of our pre-designed templates.


 With Z-Gov our clients have the following benefits;


  • Accept Credit Cards at NO COST to your Municipality

  • Convenient Fee payment options

  • Accept all major credit cards over-the-counter and/or on your website

  • Accept Debit Payments over-the-counter and/or on your website

  • Committed to PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and SSL Security to ensure data security

  • Payments are fully integrated with the government agencies current data system and/or website

  • Payment information is updated in the client's system at a designated time each night to ensure accurate account data

  • Simple yet secure and robust payment system to process your transactions online

  • We provide a seamless graphical user interface for online payments, customized bill format

  • Virtual Terminal and Re-Occurring payment options

Hosted Bill Payment Portals


Our 1Gateway payment portal brings powerful and secure ACH processing, credit card, debit, and IVR processing solutions all through one gateway. We can design and host an online payment page for you that match all the branding of your site, but saves you from worrying about security issues. The appearance of your website remains the same, but all the payment data is seamlessly and securely submitted to our gateway—no cardholder data is transmitted through your server because the payment page is hosted on our secure servers.


You also have the option to enable recurring payments on your payment portal at no extra charge so your customers can instantly sign up to be automatically billed on a payment schedule of their choice.


All transactions received through your custom payment portal appear in your 1Gateway online terminal for easy, consolidated reporting.


Hosted bill payment portals come if a variety of formats. These can be deployed to simply accept a payment from your customer with either an ACH eCheck, Debit or Credit Card, be hosted with our bill payment portals that come in a variety of formats, or they can be deployed under a highly datadriven and seamless integration project scope.


Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - service allows you to process credit card or ACH eCheck transactions using any standard touchtone phone or cell phone. With IVR, customers are allowed to pay their bills without having to speak with a live representative. Payments can be submitted over any touchtone phone easily, instantly and securely and does not require any type of Internet connection.


IVR is highly flexible to the specific needs of your business. Standard deployments efficiently enable your customer to submit payment, while more advanced versions are data driven so that the caller can hear account specific information. All IVR payments flow into the Online Terminal, so no matter how you are paid; all your payments are managed in the same place in the same reporting. Furthermore, we customize and deploy IVR for no additional upfront investment or setup fee!


We ensure that your integration project runs smoothly by providing effective and inexpensive solutions to provide a way for your clients to make payments simply and easily.

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