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Get PCI Protected!


At Zing your card security is very imporant, protecting your business is a priority. 


Maintaining the highest standards of payment security is crucial to keeping your confidential business information secure and reducing the risk of fraud.


We understand the value of presenting numerous payment options to your customers in today’s competitive marketplace. To safeguard your acceptance of credit and debit cards and minimize security risks from the compromise of card data, we have teamed with TrustWave – a Visa® and MasterCard® accredited Qualified Security Assessor and Approved Scanning Vendor – to help you comply with current industry security standards for your electronic payment solution.


We have partnered with Trustwave to establish procedures to protect your business and your customers from theft, fraud, and other security risks from the compromise of card data.


Many merchants are confused by PCI-DSS requirements and aren’t sure how to get started. The Trustwave TrustKeeper program will help you understand PCI-DSS requirements and complete the steps to assess your compliance.


To promote the security of the credit and debit card payment systems, the five major card networks established the Payment Card Industry Council to oversee the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).


Visit the PCI Security Standards





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