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We are a specialist in the Powersports/Motorcycle industry! If you are a Powersport Dealer, you owe it to yourself to compare Zing to your current provider


Why we chose to specialize in the Powersports Industry?


Zing has partnered with the predominant Mergers & Acquisitions firm Powersports Listings M&A . Powersports Listings is the leading intermediary firm in selling top Powersports dealerships across the entire United States. They have assisted many of the leading Harley-Davidson and other major-line dealers in both the buying and selling of dealership operations.


An important piece of this equation is an analysis of each dealership client’s expenses and systems. Powersports Listings has found that Zing can improve bottom line performance and provide efficiencies for day to day operations and therefore recommends Zing Card Payments to each and every client.


Features and Benefits of Zing for your Powersports Dealership:



"Full integration with the leading dealer management systems i.e. Talon, ADP Lightspeed and Ziios"


"Gift card solutions customized for dealerships"


"Industry leading speed of funding - next day in most cases"


"Industry leading customer service"


"Competitive discount rates that on average save dealers hundreds of dollars per month as compared to their current provider"

Zing Racing!


Zing Racing, a division of Zing Card LLC specializing in servicing the MotorSports industry.




Zing Racing specializes in merchant processing cost reduction and has been very effective at producing an average cost savings of 20%. We continue to deliver outstanding customer service and support coupled with reliable and secure products that improve accounting efficiency and the quality of your customer’s experience.


We realize the need to increase your bottom line and strive to accomplish this through seamless integration solutions at minimal or no disruption to the day-to-day operations of your business.

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